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Dear NDP: Get Out Of The Way

Update 2018-08-14: The NDP – knowing full well they will not be able to stop Bill 5 from becoming law and delaying the courts the ability to rule on the law while prolonging uncertainty & anxiety – is now politically profiting on it’s continued lack of passage. They are holding townhall meetings where they are gathering data on participants that they would use in a 25 ward system and, possibly, paying for those meetings using funds raised under the existing 47 ward races which would be inaccessible to them in the new wards.

Original Post: The NDP is making a big show of trying to delay the legislation to reduce the number of Toronto City Councillors from 47 to 25. If they are serious about wanting to protect the democratic rights of Toronto residents then they need sit down and let the bill pass. They need to acknowledge the correct arena in which to fight this battle, delaying only furthers uncertainty and anxiety, and finally it gives the Ford Government more time to make changes that strengthen its case. If they want to do what’s right they need to sit down and let it pass quickly.

The legislative arena is not the best place to fight this battle. Since the PCPO is a majority government, even if all non-government members vote against Bill 5 it will still pass. Somehow, implausible, the NDP would need to peel away the support of 14 government members – in a highly whipped and controlled party – to be able to defeat this legislation. That isn’t going to happen. The bills passage is all but guaranteed.

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