Ev Delen

Ev Delen is a public policy and political consultant based in Toronto, Canada.

He gained his first political experience while still in university where he volunteered for a campaign during the 2004 federal election. By 2007 his political experience had been noted by party officials and he was asked to manage a campaign during the 2007 Ontario General Election. He exceeded his targeted electoral threshold and was subsequently hired to Queen’s Park to where he excelled in opposition and stakeholder research and analysis.

His aptitude for developing and applying technological solutions and processes was noted again by party officials and he was promoted and given a newly founded department tasked with developing technology for more wide ranging issues.

Meanwhile, he managed data and other technologies during the course of four by-election campaigns, three of which were successful, where he developed advanced analytical and visualization campaigning tools which lead to new insights and strategies. He has also consulted with provincial and federal parties on projects to update databases and related capabilities.

In 2013 he turned his attention towards the municipal sphere where he worked on the campaign of David Soknacki, known for being the ideas and substance candidate. While the campaign did not end in victory it provided opportunities to test out new and innovative campaign strategies and tools. Delen brings a unique data driven but people rooted approach to tackling challenges, both in campaigning and in his development of public policy.

An avowed urbanist and advocate for active transportation, he has participated in many citizen led initiatives at improving the urban environment.